Nobody wants to perform horribly in bed. It could haunt you for days! Hence, it’s totally understandable that most men will go to great lengths to make sure it doesn’t happen to them.

But here’s the good news: Some foods could help you get a stronger erection. How? Well, just as your body requires food to get nutrients, your penis gets nutrients from food too. Your penis has a lot more blood supply than some other parts of your body, and that blood is exactly what is responsible for the erection.

You need as many nutrients as you can to increase your blood flow and dilate the blood vessels in your penile shaft to make your erection stronger.

Medically, the hormone responsible for great performance and maturity of the male reproductive system is testosterone.

Hence, foods that make for a stronger erection usually have one or two of these functions: Either to improve or increase the quantity and quality of your testosterone or increase the blood volume and flow.

Research has also shown that most of these foods have a good effect on the health of the genitals and most men who eat these foods regularly rarely have diseases such as prostate cancer. So it’s a win-win for you.

You get to eat healthily and also have a better sex experience. That said, here are ten foods that can help you get a stronger and better erection.

1. Oysters

If you’re not a fan of seafood, you’re probably wondering how you’d add oysters to your diet. And most importantly why? But here’s a shocker; Oysters are rich in Zinc and vitamin B6. And they are key in the production of testosterone.

How? Oysters have high amounts of Omega-3s which is great for increasing blood flow to the penis. So the next time you are served Oysters and a cocktail, don’t just remember the ocean. Remember that Oysters have your sexual life in mind.

2. Dark chocolates

Dark chocolates are a hive for flavonoids and more than anything, they increase blood circulation and flow by a great percentage. And increased blood flow to the penis would translate to a stronger erection.

This happens because they increase nitric oxide levels. Nitric oxide is a potent vasodilator, which means that it relaxes the muscles of the vessels. Vasodilation means increased blood flow.

Dark chocolates have been identified as aphrodisiacs because of that. So, dark chocolates aren’t just to treat your kids but for yourself too.

3. Garlic

When you think of garlic, do you think of foul breath or the superhuman ability to have a rock-hard erection?

Garlic contains allicin. it’s all you need to get fired up and get a stronger erection. Among the many functions of Allicin like preventing cancer, lowering blood cholesterol and blood sugar, allicin helps to lower blood pressure.

And if you remember your high school physics you’ll realize that decreased blood pressure would mean an increased blood volume and flow to the penis.

This would translate to a stronger erection. So if you’re too worried about having a bad breath, you could just spice your food with garlic and invest in your sexual life.

4. Oats

Oats are aphrodisiacs and so they improve the flow of blood to the penis. They have proteins, especially arginine, that serve as vasodilators that relax the vessels and allow for more blood flow into the vessels.

The porridge also reduces blood cholesterol and hence prevents constricting of the blood vessels. Eventually, there’s increased blood flow to the penis.

5. Chilies

I know you’re wondering why getting a real-good hard-on would require foods that aren’t very usual in your diet. Well, you can go the extra mile for a great sexual experience because that is unrivaled.

Here’s why Chilies are the next best thing in your food. Asides from their mouth-watering goodness, chilies contain capsaicin which boosts nitric oxide.

If you’ve read up till this point, you’re probably acquainted with this nitric oxide, the vasodilator. It is because of this dilation of blood vessels that you get red-faced on eating a chili-spiced meal. I guess their redness isn’t an oxymoron.

6. Onions

The first time I saw an article titled “Onions for Orgasms” I thought it was some kind of figurative expression. But then, it’s as literal as ever. Because onions have twice as much effect as the foods that improve circulation.

It has both cardiac and vascular benefits making it improve cardiac output and blood volume. Onions also enhance your circulation by thinning the blood and enabling quicker flow.

7. Nuts

Nuts are rich in fats which are healthy for the heart. Research on pistachio consumption has asserted its role in stronger erections. Nuts have antioxidants and arginine which increase the production of nitric oxide.

Walnuts, hazelnuts, and almonds aren’t just fancy for ice cream toppings, they have been shown to improve libido and strengthen orgasms. Almonds have specifically been discovered to enhance testosterone production. A harder and longer erection is assured with nuts.

8. Salmon

Omega 3 fatty acid is a major component of fish and salmon in particular. Mackerels are also a great source of omega 3 fatty acids. This omega 3 fatty acid prevents blood coagulation thereby thinning out the blood and increasing blood flow to the penile arteries.

9. Fruits

There are a lot of fruits that help for a stronger erection. Like always, fruits are and have always been healthy. Some of the fruits that can make for stronger erections are; Orange, watermelons, pomegranates, bananas, apples, and carrots.

Also, berries are great antioxidants that increase the production of nitric oxide. Blueberries have been noted to have a high quantity of antioxidants. Fruits are great replacements for medications and a fail-safe way to get a lasting hard-on.

10. Vegetables

Vegetables like tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, and carrots are antioxidants that have a variety of health benefits. One benefit is that the antioxidants increase the body’s nitric oxide production. Spinach in particular enhances testosterone levels and improves sexual performance.


Sexual function can be improved greatly with food. The key to having a great erection is increased blood flow. Hence, foods that achieve this aim should be the friend of any man who’s interested in being a king in bed.

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