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We are all born unique. But there are people whose uniqueness is simply jaw-dropping and even frightening. 

These people have become famous because of something incredible about their physique or abilities that people find uniquely amazing. Without further ado, here are the top 10 people you’ll never believe actually existed in the real world.

10. The longest legs in the world, Lisina

According to the Guinness world record, Ekaterina Lisina has the longest legs (52.4 inches). She wears a size 47 shoe. And her height is impressively at 205.7 cm. 

Standard clothes are too small for her, she can barely fit in a car, and she can’t buy normal shoes. But the interesting thing about Ekaterina is that she’s good at basketball. She even became a bronze medal Olympic champion. 

9. Shin Hiomin, the forever young kid

Looking at this guy at first glance, you may think he’s just an average kid. But on a closer look, you wouldn’t believe what you’ll find. 

Take a wild guess. How old do you think he is? 11? 14? Wrong. He is over 30 years old. 

Shin Hiomin suffers from the rare highlander syndrome, a condition that caused his physical development to stop when he was 10 years old. He is now only 162.6 cm tall and has a childish physical appearance. 

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