Oftentimes, the signs are obvious. You see the weird sucking of his lips and how restless he is as he tries his best to come closer to you whenever you’re alone together. 

You probably can relate. 

But sometimes the signs are subtle. 

But however the signs manifest, it’s always great to know whether or not a guy wants sex from you. Why? 

Well, first of all, if you desire him back, then it’s good news. The signs will mean you both are on the same page. 

However, if he’s someone you don’t want to be with, you can be more alert about how you relate with him, or you can just outrightly tell him to stop what he’s trying to do. 

Sometimes when a guy is making sexual advances towards you and you don’t call him out or stay away, he might assume it’s a green light. Hence, knowing these signs early on will help you never be caught off guard.

1. He gives you clues 

Most guys can be very impatient about it when they want sex from a woman. They’ll drop hints here and there whenever you’re both alone, just having a harmless conversation. 

For instance, he may tell you how much he really doesn’t like committed relationships. That he likes to just have fun without any strings attached. When a guy does this, he’s indirectly trying to tell you that he’s down with having sex if you’re ready. 

Giving hints about sex is one of the most obvious ways to tell that a guy wants sex from you. 

Sometimes sex clues may be more direct. For instance, you may be face-timing at night, and he’ll tell you how badly he wants to put his hands on you. In essence, he’s letting you know, “I want it… Do you?” 

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2. He redirects conversations towards sex

Have you ever been talking to a guy and all of a sudden you realize that he’s managed to slip sex into the conversation? 

He’s trying hard to get you to be on the same page with him. Maybe he’s been finding a way to make you see him that way but it hasn’t been working. 

“When a man is simply lusting after you, he’ll be more interested in the sex than the conversation,” Judith Orloff MD, a psychiatrist explained in Psychology Today.

But some guys will do this badly, and the conversation can quickly become awkward from there. 

For instance, you’re out with a guy and you ask him, “How do I look?” And he says “You look good. But you look even better from behind.” Or, You may be talking about the weather, and all of a sudden he asks you what you think about one-night stands. Or if you like massages. 

A guy who badly wants sex from you is probably thinking about it even when you’re talking. If the conversation doesn’t naturally steer towards sex, he’ll likely bring it in. oftentimes moments like these end up being super awkward. 

3. He tries hard to bring you over to his place (late)  

Of course, this isn’t a sure sign that a guy wants sex from you. Guys invite girls over for several reasons, some of them good.

For instance, he might want to have you over because he wants to give you a special treat. Maybe he wants to prepare something special for you, or just have a good time. 

However, if a guy rarely wants to hang out with you (or has never gone out with you) but is always eager to have you come over to his place (at night), he most likely wants sex with you. 

The best way to tell his true intentions is to watch him closely. Is he more interested in hanging out with you or just wants you over to his place? At what time does he always suggest you come over? 

How did he respond when you chose to hang out outside instead of his house? Did he seem like hanging out with you outside his house was bad news? If yes, he wants sex. As psychologist Jeffrey Bernstein explained in Psychology Today, 

“A man who loves you is affectionate, but he doesn’t expect it to lead to sex.”

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4. He tries hard to get you alone

A guy who is thinking of having sex with you will always want to find a way to get you alone with him. 

For instance, you might be at a party, and suddenly, without any apparent reason, he’ll ask that you both go to the back (or anywhere private). 

If you’re at his place and he looks impatient and even disappointed because you insisted you both stay in the sitting room (instead of somewhere more private), he most likely wants to have sex. 

5. He warms you up 

Sometimes a guy who wants to have sex with you will try to warm you up for it. How? 

Well, some guys might give you a romantic novel or an erotic movie. This serves two functions. First of all, and most importantly, they hope that it will turn you on. Secondly, it can help him bond with the girl sexually. How? 

After the girl reads the book (or watches the movie), they can both talk about it. And he hopes that this mutual knowledge will make things escalate between the two of you. 

This is even more true if you never asked for any book or movie from him, and he just so willingly and graciously gave you something that he knows might turn you on. 

6. He wants to put you in the mood

For instance, you’re at his place, and you’re both in the sitting room, maybe watching TV or having a conversation, but he suddenly offers to give you a massage. This is one of the oldest strategies guys use to get women in the mood for sex. 

Think of it. Who doesn’t like a great massage? It’s relaxing, and you’ll most likely think you will be able to handle yourself. But he knows better. 

He hopes that the massage will lead to something else. Hence, if you’re with a guy and you have no intentions of having sex with him, then you shouldn’t accept a massage from him either. Because the hard truth is, one rarely goes without the other. 

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7. The sensual look 

Most girls have gotten this look at one point or the other. The look that makes you feel like a guy is undressing you with his eyes. He looks at you from your head to your toes, but you can’t help but notice he struggles to get his eyes off your boobs. 

Coupled with the look, he also occasionally sucks his lips, as if he cannot wait to see what’s beneath that gown you’re wearing. 

8. He gives you sexy compliments 

“You look so sexy” isn’t a compliment a man will throw around to any lady. When he wants you to notice he sees you sexually attractive, he’ll try to tell you things like, “Has anyone ever told you how sexy you are?” 

Here’s the thing: The last thing a guy who wants a sexual relationship with you wants is to end up in the friend zone. Every guy is terrified of that. Hence, he’ll try to make you see earlier on that he isn’t interested in just being friends. 

And one of the best ways to do this is paying you compliments that scream, “I don’t see you just as a friend… I want more ” 

He may also talk about the types of women he likes to have sex with, and guess what? You fit perfectly in that description. He then goes ahead to tell you his best positions. When a guy does this, he is indirectly trying to tell you that he finds you sexually attractive. 

9. Shows off his assets 

A guy who wants to have sex with you will also try to seduce you with his body (if he has a great body).  

For instance, whenever you’re at his place (or whenever he knows you’re coming over), he might intentionally go shirtless so you can see his abs.

Of course, it’s possible to work in on a guy at home shirtless. But if he knows you’re coming around but you still meet him shirtless, or he finds an excuse to take off his shirt when you’re around, he’s trying to seduce you with his body. Again, a guy will only do this if he knows he has a great body. 

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10. Playful arousal

Most girls have been in this scenario: 

You’re sitting close to a guy and you’re having a chat when he says something funny. But as you both laugh he quickly uses that as an excuse to touch, grab, or tickle you. He’s trying to arouse you playfully. 

When a guy wants sex from you, the sex is going to fill his mind. This means that he’ll take every chance he can get to achieve his agender. And what better time to get to you than when you’re both having a good time together laughing at his joke? 


Knowing the signs that a guy wants to have sex with you is important. Here’s why:  

Sometimes most girls end up leading guys on without even being aware they are doing so. And this is because, for some guys, if they are throwing sexual advances at you and you don’t show them any sign that you’re not down with it, they take it as a green light. 

But if you spot these signs early on, and you don’t want anything sexual with him, you can quickly back off, or outrightly tell him to stop what he’s trying to do. This way, you can avoid any unnecessary tension or failed expectations.

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