Infidelity. Cheating. Betrayal. These are the things that can take a perfectly good relationship and turn it upside down. 

It hurts, it’s confusing, and often, it leaves a scar that takes time to heal.

Now, imagine you’re the one who cheated. You made a big mistake, and you regret it. You’ve apologized, tried to make amends, and promised to do better. 

But here’s the thing: forgiveness isn’t a given, and the road to it isn’t straightforward. 

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your partner might not be able to forgive you. And that’s okay. It’s their journey, and they get to decide when, how, or even if they’ll forgive.

But how do you know if he’s forgiven you or not? Sometimes, it’s not as clear as we’d like it to be. So, we’re here to help you decipher the signs. 

This article is all about understanding those subtle signs that he might not be ready to forgive your betrayal just yet.

1. He’s Always Rehashing the Past

He continually brings up your infidelity, and it doesn’t matter if it’s during heated arguments or calm discussions. 

It’s as if the past has a chokehold on your relationship and refuses to let go. This is a clear sign that he is struggling with forgiveness.

Does it feel like you’re stuck in a time loop, and every conversation eventually circles back to your mistake? This constant rehashing signifies his inability to move past the betrayal. 

Although it’s completely normal for a hurt partner to want to discuss their feelings, a never-ending cycle of blame and guilt isn’t healthy.

Everyone makes mistakes and yes, cheating is a big one. However, if your partner is not willing to leave the past behind and focus on building a better future together, it’s a red flag. 

It’s not about forgetting the past but about learning from it and using those lessons for growth and understanding.

Even when things seem to be going well, does he still find a way to remind you of what you did? This could be a clear indication that he hasn’t forgiven you, and he may never do so. 

It’s as if he’s using your past mistakes as a weapon to keep you feeling guilty and sorry.

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2. You’re Walking on Eggshells

Signs he'll never forgive you for cheating

You know that feeling of constantly walking on eggshells? 

It’s the feeling that makes you scared to speak your mind or do something wrong because you’re worried about his reaction? 

This could be an indication that he hasn’t forgiven you. It’s like there’s a lingering resentment that has taken the joy and spontaneity out of your relationship.

Your relationship should be your safe space, your comfort zone. However, when you’re scared to be yourself in your own relationship, it can feel more like a prison than a partnership. 

You’re constantly second-guessing your actions, always wary of a potential blow-up or cold shoulder.

Instead of feeling loved and cherished, you feel like you’re constantly being judged and punished. 

You feel the need to prove yourself at every turn, and it’s exhausting. This level of constant anxiety is not only harmful to you but also detrimental to the relationship as a whole.

3. His Trust Never Came Back

If he can’t trust you, he can’t forgive you. It’s as simple as that. Trust and forgiveness go hand in hand in a relationship. Without one, the other cannot exist.

Trust is a fundamental part of any relationship. Once it’s broken, it’s incredibly hard to rebuild. 

A clear sign that he hasn’t forgiven you for your infidelity is the absence of trust in your relationship.

Are you constantly being questioned about your whereabouts or who you’re communicating with? 

Does he scrutinize your every move, doubting your intentions at every turn? If so, it’s a clear indication that trust has not been restored.

Even the smallest of lies can now create a huge rift between you two. Honesty and transparency may seem like walking through a minefield, with the slightest misstep resulting in an explosion of anger and resentment. 

It’s not a comfortable place to be in, to say the least.

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4. Lack of Intimacy

Signs he won't forgive you

Intimacy isn’t just about the physical aspect; it also involves emotional closeness. If you notice that he’s withdrawn emotionally, it’s an indication of unresolved feelings.

Think about it. Does he hold back when you try to be affectionate? Does he keep a physical and emotional distance? 

This could be a defensive mechanism, a way for him to protect himself from more hurt. He’s building walls, not bridges, which isn’t a good sign.

This lack of intimacy doesn’t just manifest in the bedroom. It extends to all aspects of your relationship. Does he avoid deep and meaningful conversations? 

Does he seem disinterested in sharing his thoughts and feelings? This emotional withdrawal can indicate that he hasn’t forgiven you.

5. He’s Become Indifferent

The opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference. And sometimes, the loudest response is silence.

So when he starts to display a lackadaisical attitude towards things that once mattered, you need to take note. 

Does he no longer get upset by things that used to bother him? Is he unresponsive to your attempts at making up? These could all be signs of indifference.

This indifferent behavior is an indication of a deeper issue – the lack of forgiveness.

The spark that once ignited your love seems to have dimmed, and he doesn’t seem bothered about reigniting it. This could be because he’s still nursing the wounds of your infidelity.

The bottom line is, indifference is a sign that he’s disengaged from the relationship. The passion, the love, the desire to work things out – it’s all missing. 

This level of apathy isn’t healthy for any relationship and indicates that he’s still grappling with forgiveness.

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6. He’s Keeping Score

How to tell he won't forgive your infidelity

When someone has truly forgiven you, your past mistakes shouldn’t be held against you.

But, what happens when your past mistakes are brought up every time there’s a disagreement? 

Yes, it’s called score-keeping, and it’s a clear sign that forgiveness is far from being granted.

You find yourselves in the middle of an argument, and suddenly, he’s reminding you of your past actions. 

It’s like you’re in a never-ending game where your past mistakes are tallied against you. This isn’t a sign of a forgiving partner.

Score-keeping essentially cripples the growth of a relationship. It turns love into a competition, an unhealthy environment where every mistake is logged for future reference. And this, my dear friend, is not what love is about.

If he’s using your past mistakes as leverage in arguments, it’s a sign of unresolved feelings. He hasn’t been able to move past your infidelity.

7. You’re Now Being Excluded from His Future Plans

Do you feel like an outsider when it comes to his future plans? Does he make decisions without considering your opinion? 

Are you left out of important discussions about the future? These could be signs that he hasn’t forgiven you.

A strong relationship thrives on inclusivity. Each person’s opinion is valued and taken into consideration, especially when it comes to major decisions. Being left out can feel hurtful and isolating.

When you’re excluded from future plans, it’s like he’s subtly communicating that he doesn’t see you in his future. 

It’s as though he’s preparing himself for a life without you, a life that doesn’t involve the pain of past betrayal.

This exclusion is a loud and clear sign that he’s still dealing with the pain caused by your infidelity. And it’s especially true if he used to be someone excited to include you in his future. 

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8. He’s Not Willing to Work on the Relationship Anymore

Relationships aren’t always smooth sailing; they require effort from both parties to work. 

But when he’s not interested in putting in the work since you cheated? Yes, it’s a sign that he hasn’t forgiven you.

Your infidelity might have dealt a heavy blow to your relationship, and mending it will take effort. However, it seems like he’s not interested in putting in the work. 

He’s not interested in counseling, communication, or any other methods that could help mend the relationship.

When he chooses not to invest time and effort into healing the relationship, it speaks volumes. It’s an indication that he’s not willing to forgive, forget and move past the infidelity.

9. He’s Become Emotionally Unavailable

Have you noticed a shift in his emotional availability? Does he seem distant and disinterested, even when you’re physically together? 

This emotional unavailability could be a sign that he’s yet to forgive you for your infidelity.

Being emotionally unavailable means he’s closed himself off from sharing or receiving emotions. He’s erected an emotional wall, a protective barrier to shield him from potential heartbreak.

His emotional distance could also manifest in his inability to express love, comfort, or understanding. It’s like he’s detached himself from the relationship emotionally, and that’s not a good sign.

Emotional unavailability is a clear indication that he’s still nursing the wounds of your betrayal. 

He hasn’t forgiven you and is probably using this emotional distance as a coping mechanism.

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10. He Talks About Breaking Up Frequently

The final sign is quite straightforward. It’s as if he’s trying to prepare both himself and you for an impending end to the relationship.

Breakup talks can take a toll on any relationship. They create an atmosphere of uncertainty, insecurity, and tension and make you feel you’re living on borrowed time, waiting for the inevitable end.

If he brings up the topic of breaking up frequently, it could be a sign that he’s struggling to imagine a future with you. He’s unable to forget your past actions and doesn’t believe in a fresh start.

He’s still caught in the past, unable to forgive your infidelity. These constant breakup talks could be his way of indirectly communicating his feelings of resentment and unforgiveness.


“If he loves me will he forgive me”, How true is this?

It’s understandable to believe that love conquers all, and to a large extent, it can indeed overcome many challenges. 

However, it’s important to remember that forgiveness isn’t solely tied to love. It also involves one’s personal ability to process hurt, betrayal, and pain. 

Love may serve as a motivation for someone to work through their feelings of betrayal, but it doesn’t automatically guarantee forgiveness.

In some cases, despite deep love, forgiveness might still be a long journey. Your partner might still need time and space to heal, to understand their feelings, and to decide whether they can forgive or not. 

Therefore, while love is powerful, it’s not always a surefire path to forgiveness. It’s crucial to respect your partner’s feelings and give them the time they need to heal.

How long does it take for a guy to forgive infidelity?

There’s no definitive timeline for forgiveness, especially when it comes to something as complex and personal as infidelity. 

For some, forgiveness might come relatively quickly, while for others, it may take months or even years. 

It all depends on the individual’s emotional resilience, the circumstances surrounding the infidelity, the strength of the relationship before the betrayal, and how the situation was handled after the discovery.

Rebuilding trust and granting forgiveness are not overnight processes. They involve plenty of introspection, open and honest communication, and sometimes professional help. It’s crucial to be patient and understanding throughout this process. 

Remember, the goal is not to rush forgiveness, but to heal and grow from the experience.

Can a relationship go back to normal after cheating?

Returning to “normal” after an incidence of cheating can be quite challenging. 

The relationship dynamic has been significantly altered and regaining the original state of trust, comfort, and intimacy may not be feasible. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship is doomed.

Instead of striving to go back to the “old normal”, the focus should be on creating a “new normal”. This involves openly acknowledging what happened, learning from it, and building a stronger, more aware, and more honest relationship. 

It might not be the same as before, but with dedication, effort, and time, the relationship can evolve into something more profound and resilient.

Is staying after cheating a sign of low self-esteem?

Staying in a relationship after infidelity isn’t inherently a sign of low self-esteem. People have various reasons for choosing to stay and work on their relationships. 

They might truly love their partner, share children or a life together, believe in their partner’s remorse and commitment to change, or feel that the relationship is worth fighting for.

However, if the decision to stay is based on fear—fear of being alone, fear of societal judgment, or fear of not finding someone else—then it could be linked to low self-esteem. 

In such cases, it might be beneficial to seek help from a therapist or counselor to address these underlying issues. Remember, it’s crucial to prioritize one’s mental health and emotional well-being in any relationship scenario.

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