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If you want to be successful with women, there’s a rule of thumb you must understand: They communicate more with their body language. 

Hence, if you can easily read the signs, you’ll be more successful than most men out there. 

A girl who finds you sexually attractive, whether you’re already dating or not, will give you certain signs. To some guys, the signs may even seem weird. However, if you know them, you can easily make your move on her without any fear of rejection. 

That said, here are 10 key things you’ll see a girl do when she finds you sexually attractive. 

1. She encourages you to touch her

The people we let touch us are the people we feel safe with. If you don’t like or trust someone, you’ll maintain distance from that person. 

Even if a girl is friendly and socially active, she won’t just go around encouraging every guy to touch her. And by encouraging, I mean, attempting to get close to you, holding your hands, brushing her shoulders against yours, sitting on your laps, smiling while you’re touching her, etc. 

When she does these things, she’s encouraging you to touch her. Meaning, she doesn’t just like to touch you, she also wants you to touch her. 

There’s a scientific explanation for this: 

You see, when we touch or hug someone we are attracted to, our brains release dopamine. And this dopamine makes us feel good. This is why someone who finds you attractive will want to touch or hug you for a long time. It makes them feel good. 

2. She leans towards you in conversations 

The proximity principle of attraction is a big one. 

When someone finds you attractive, you’ll notice how they lean towards you when they are talking to you. 

The proximity principle, according to behavioral investigator Vanessa Van Edwards, explains that people who find you attractive like to stay within your intimacy zone (within 18 inches away from you) when they are talking to you. 

So if you notice that a girl likes to lean towards you, probably trying to make body contact or brush shoulders with you, she’s probably trying to tell you something with her body language. 

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3. She exposes her neck 

According to Vanessa Van Ewards, when ladies find a guy attractive, they’ll tend to expose their neck when talking to him. They’ll subtly lift their hair, push it to one side, exposing their neck, while also tilting her head a bit. This is a strong sign of attraction. 

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