Studies by Terri Fisher and her research team at Ohio State University suggest that on average, men and women think about 20 times within a day.

But despite this obsession with sex, the hard truth is, we live in a time where most couples only make love at the end of the day, tired and exhausted, when it feels like another chore to get over with before we finally rest for the day. And even if you’re young enough to have sex at any time of the day, chances are, you might still be doing a lot of things wrongly. That said, here are ten tiny habits that can greatly affect your sex life.

1. Taking your smartphone to bed

Your bed should primarily be for two things — sleeping and sex.

A recent survey revealed that 75% of Americans take their smartphones to bed, with 35% of them reporting that it had a negative effect on their sex life.

Bringing a device like a smartphone to bed distracts you from your partner, and consequently decreases your ability to have quality time together. When she’s looking at her phone, and you’re looking at yours, it reduces your intimacy. It becomes harder to connect because both of you are focused on different things.

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2. Poor stress management

One of the direct effects of stress on your body is the production of the hormone called cortisol. Your body produces cortisol when it feels like it’s in a fight or flight situation and this causes a reduction in the production of testosterone in men, which in turn leads to poor sex life.

High-stress levels can have a direct effect on your body both mentally and physically. It can make you fatigued, irritable, and tense.

Besides, being stressed all the time can make you distracted or worse, depressed. A great way to improve your overall health and your sex life is to learn to manage stress properly.

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