1. Always take the easy route 

Never stay on anything once it becomes difficult, just quit and move on to easier and more pleasurable things. 

If you’re having difficulty learning a skill, don’t stay until you master it. Find another skill and enjoy the excitement of being a beginner. Then when it becomes difficult, quit again. 

If your relationship isn’t going well, don’t find ways to make it work. Just leave your partner and find another one. Obviously, everything that’s worthwhile should come easy, why fight for anything in life? 

2. Don’t make the most of your youth 

Spend all your time partying and getting high every other weekend. 

Don’t exercise. Don’t learn skills. Don’t read books. Don’t build good habits. Just ‘enjoy’ yourself. 

It’s your youth, after all, you won’t have it back. So you must waste it on mundane stuff and make sure you get addicted to either drugs, alcohol, or weed so you can spend the rest of your life either feeding or battling your addiction. 

3. Always find someone to blame 

Whenever your life sucks, don’t worry, there are always plenty of things out there to pick on. 

There’s the economy, there’s the government, your friends, your parents, etc. Feel free to pick any of them and blame them for your misfortune. It will make you feel so much better. It won’t change anything about your life, but don’t worry about that.

Your only mission is to feel better for the moment. Once you start feeling like shit again, just pick someone else to blame. There are plenty of excuses to go around for every single day in your life. Make the most of them. 

4. Don’t orient yourself toward any goal 

Once you wake up in the morning, start your day by checking your Facebook feeds. Then head over to Instagram. And then TikTok. 

Don’t have any dream or goal that propels you to wake up early in the morning. There’s no need for that. It’s stressful. Better to mindlessly scroll through all your social media feeds and end your day binge-watching Netflix. 

5. Always consume 

Don’t bother spending your time producing things and investing in yourself. That’s boring. It’s also a bit difficult. Don’t do it. 

Just consume other people’s stuff. Stay on Facebook all day so you can be sold to advertisers. At least you’re being useful to someone right? 

Watch funny cat videos all day. Consume. Consume. And consume some more. It will make you feel great. 

At least it’s easier than doing the hard work to produce something of value for the world. 

6. Never leave your comfort zone 

Comfort zones are the best. Whoever wants to leave it? Not you. 

You’re smart, so you’d rather stay in bed till 11 am. Don’t exercise. Don’t learn any difficult skills. Don’t even go out to meet people and make new friends. Don’t form relationships. They all require at least a bit of effort and discomfort. 

And you don’t want that. 

You want to stay in complete order and avoid chaos like the plague. So you sit in your house where everything is predictable. And do only the easiest stuff that is guaranteed to make you feel great at the moment. 

7. Be pessimistic 

Surround yourself with friends who also believe that the world isn’t designed for people like you to succeed. 

Lose all hope of ever building wealth because you don’t think things like that are meant for you anymore. Don’t learn any skills. Don’t have any dreams of building wealth and lifting your family. Lose all hope and seek sympathy from anyone who has at least an ear. 

8. Waste all your time in contemplation mode 

Don’t do anything. Just live life in your head.

Spend all your time reading self-improvement articles and motivational YouTube videos. Get yourself pumped up all the time but do nothing. Just sit in your house and contemplate how great you could be. But do nothing. 

Keep reading articles like this one, hoping that one of them will give you the answer to live your best life. But don’t attempt to get your hands dirty. 

9. Hold on to toxic friends 

Even if you have dreams of living a great life but your friends are champions at mediocrity, don’t leave them. They’re your friends after all. Friends for life. 

Let your fear of being judged hold you back from outgrowing them. Hold on to them even though you know they’re slowly destroying you. 

Time is passing, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is holding on to dead friendships that no longer serve you. 

You’re just being a good friend. Be willing to hold on to them even if they push you down with them. I’m sure you’ll wake up in 10 years feeling proud of yourself for holding on to these friendships that made you miserable for so long.

10. Avoid criticisms 

Only surround yourself with people who tell you only what you want to hear. 

Never admit your weaknesses. Let your ego prevent you from growing. Surround yourself with only people who reinforce only the beliefs you already agree with. 

Whenever you hear an idea that may threaten your ego, don’t stop to think whether it’s right so you can learn from it and grow. Just attack the idea and shoot it down. You’ll feel so much better while maintaining your limited view of life and remaining shrunk at the same time.

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