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3. The subtle art of not giving a f*ck 

Another thing that makes bad boys stand out is how little they care about the opinion of a random girl (or guy). 

Don’t get this wrong. This doesn’t mean you should be an annoying guy who is indifferent to everything around him. No. If you have the right woman, you should take good care of her. 

However, most guys drain their energy caring too much about the opinion of every random pretty girl out there. They try to act cool, say the right thing, and do as much ass licking as possible. 

And this high need to impress comes from an inherent need to be likable by everyone. But this often creates the opposite effect. It makes you come off as needy. 

Here’s the thing: 

You have no business acting cool to impress someone you don’t know. Just be yourself, go about your business like you don’t give a f*ck. It means you respect yourself, and you have better things to do than being conscious of every pretty girl around you. 

Trying to impress every pretty girl that comes your way will only exhaust your energy and make you seem immature. When a guy is chilled and indifferent around a beautiful lady, she’ll notice.

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4. The power of a high-value man 

Another thing that makes bad boys stand out is how they can quickly present themselves as high value. And you’ll see this in how they establish their individuality and value their time. 

For instance, the typical nice guy will be afraid to disagree with a beautiful girl on a date. Why? He assumes that if he disagrees with the girl and she doesn’t like it, he’ll lose her. 

On the other hand, a high-value man doesn’t mind risking offending the girl to tell her what’s really on his mind. And he can do this because he is ready to walk away if things don’t work out. 

Because a bad boy understands that his self-esteem isn’t attached to how a woman sees him, he doesn’t feel the pressure to suppress his values to impress a girl. 

And this is precisely the kind of independence that women find attractive. 

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