To have a healthy and sustainable relationship, you need to go for a woman who knows herself. Indeed, they may be harder to get, but they’ll make your life better in the long run.

It’s tempting to want to go for an insecure person. After all, they are easy to get. But what about the long run? Can you keep up with their drama?

The primary reason why the types of women in this list cheat is because of insecurity. It’s either they have an incessant need for attention and validation that you cannot keep up with, or they are just too obsessed with getting free gifts from as many guys as possible.

But how can you spot these types of women on time to avoid the emotional turmoil they might cause in the long run? Pay attention to these five traits.

1. The insatiable queen

At first, being with an insecure lady might seem great. Why? She will shower you with all her attention and most likely make you the center of her universe, of course with the expectation that you’ll make her yours as well.

But as time passes, an insecure lady will start seeking more attention than you can afford. She’ll always want to be around you or your friends.

Maybe she’s been cheated on in the past, and now she feels the same thing will happen again if she doesn’t take control. She becomes desperate to be a part of your life in an invasive way. And on top of this, she blames her insecurity on you, always accusing you but also refusing to face the reality of the aspects of her nature she should work on.

Here’s the gist of the problem:

It’s impossible to keep up with an insecure woman because life requires your attention too. You can’t just go all in and give a hundred percent of your attention to a woman. If you do, you will fall short on your purpose, goals, family, and many other important aspects of your life.

Even if you’re able to give her the attention she seeks at the beginning, when you get suffocated and start refocusing on work, goals, or your family, she will most likely try to get attention from elsewhere.

She will begin to gravitate towards other men, making you feel guilty for not giving her your attention.

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2. The seasonal lover

Another sign that a woman can end up cheating on you is when she uses you as her monetary resource. She assumes you have to give to her to get her attention.

The hard truth is, a lot of men do think that they have to give to beautiful women to get their attention. They assume that the more they shower her with free gifts, the better they’ll prove that they are the best men out there. The reality, however, is far from this.

When a guy meets a girl and starts to shower her with expensive gifts from the first week, it’s like you’re trying to say “I’m not that valuable by myself, so I have to make up for it.”

Here’s the thing: It’s a basic law of human psychology that we tend to appreciate something more when we work for it. This is why men who think they have to shower a woman with gifts to get her attention are wrong. You’ll end up building a superficial relationship where your woman will only see you as her ATM.

She might lie about wanting your relationship to grow to keep you at arm’s reach while still refusing to be intimate with you.

3. The ex-obsessed

Especially in toxic relationships, when a woman isn’t over her ex-boyfriend, she will continue to have a hold on him. And one of the most obvious signs of this is that she will continue to talk to him or talk about him to you. And her involvement with him isn’t for important reasons like co-parenting. He’s just involved in her life trying to smooth her, and for some reason, she becomes confused. As though she doesn’t know what she wants anymore.

You become her boyfriend, aspiring lover, and therapist, trying to convince her not to go back to a relationship she already dropped out of. She makes you feel like you need to compete against her ex to keep her attention.

Here’s the hard truth:

You are not showcasing value by remaining in a relationship like this. Sooner or later, you can easily become a rebound. Meaning, when something little happens, instead of tackling the problem, she might use it as an excuse to cheat on you and blame you for it.

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4. She hides you

If a woman likes you as her man, and she’s proud of you, she will show you off. This doesn’t mean she will post your pictures all over her social media handles, some people like to keep their relationships off social media, and this is understandable.

The point here is this: If you’re dating a lady and no one knows you’re together except the two of you, she probably doesn’t take you that seriously.

If she claims to like you but she doesn’t bring you close to or introduce you to any of her friends, where she works, or any member of her family even if they live in the same city, she’s hiding you for a reason.

Most likely, she isn’t really sure about you yet. And chances are, you’re not the only one in the picture. In her mind, she probably hasn’t really picked you. Hence, she’s probably already cheating or planning to.

5. Still active on dating sites

Maybe she met you on a dating site, which is fine. But if she’s still active on a dating site after you’re already together, that’s a red flag. What’s she still doing there?

The truth is, when a woman feels she’s found the person she wants to be with, she will stop being active on dating sites. If she gives excuses like “Uh… It’s just there. I just forgot to deactivate it.” She’s probably still talking to other guys. Maybe she’s looking for better.

And if she’s with you and looking for better at the same time, she might already be cheating on you with the man she thinks is better.

Maybe this isn’t enough reason to leave her or assume she’s cheating. But it’s something you surely should have a conversation about. If she still refuses to let it go or becomes defensive, then you can be sure something is going on.

Final words

Not all women cheat. And just noticing one of these traits doesn’t automatically mean that your woman is cheating. Instead, use these signs as pointers that you should be more alert to other possible signs.

Don’t be the kind of guy that looks away even when there are obvious signs that things are not the way they should be. Don’t sweep monsters under the carpet. If you do, they might grow up and devour you.

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