3. Well-intentioned micromanaging 

It is deeply ingrained in a man to lead and dominate. And if anything takes away from this innate need to take charge, he’ll want to get away. 

And he’ll most likely move towards that thing that gives him that feeling that he wished he could get from you.  

Disrupting a man’s innate need to lead and dominate may not be as obvious as you might think. Sometimes it’s the subtle seemingly simple things the woman does out of good intention. 

For instance, it may be that the woman likes to check on him all the time, perhaps too much. She wants to know where he is, who he’s with, and what he is doing. 

This type of micromanaging, though natural to some ladies, will make a man feel like his freedom has been taken away. And because this freedom and dominance are important to a man, he might want to take a break from you. 

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4. The elephant that grows under the carpet

We often pay attention to the big things like cheating, fighting, or lying when evaluating ourselves in relationships. But the truth is, it’s the little things that often cause resentments that build up over time. 

As Jordan Peterson explained in his book 12 Rules For Life, “Don’t hide baby monsters in the carpet because if you do, they’ll grow up and devour you.”

The little things could be making off comments about him in public but refusing to apologize later on, assuming since it has passed it doesn’t matter. Or, always assuming you know what’s best for him.

Though the right thing for him to do will be to open up to you about the things he doesn’t like, no one’s perfect. Hence, seemingly little things like these could go on to build resentment over time and cause passive-aggressive attacks over time. 

5. The little things can ruin a perfect relationship

Respect and admiration will always go together. And this is because the same things that make you respect someone make you admire that person as well. 

When respect dies, check your admiration for your partner. It’s probably nonexistent. 

Here’s the thing: It’s much more natural to respect your man at the beginning of a relationship. However, it takes something special to keep that respect alive. 

When our partners become too familiar, we begin to forget how we fought to get their attention in the beginning. We stop doing the things we did at the start (which are often the things that spiced up the relationship). 

And when your man starts getting that vibe that he’s just another ordinary guy to you — whether you’re aware of it or not — he’ll soon be gone. 

Men live for respect, especially from their women. When the respect is no longer there, he’s going to see it. It will manifest in how you look, speak, and relate with him. 

If you want to make your man feel respected, you have to make a deliberate effort to make him aware.

Final words

Just like people say that “Love isn’t enough,” being good isn’t enough either. When a man feels disrespected, threatened, or worse, feels incompatible with you, even being a good woman may not be enough to keep him around. 

In the end, there’s only so much you can do. The most important thing is not to fight it too much. If it isn’t meant to be, no amount of struggle or fighting will make it work.

As the saying goes, “A relationship is worth fighting for, but you shouldn’t be the only one fighting.”

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