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At the start of any relationship, we hope that cheating will never be a thing we’ll have to deal with.

In fact, when everything is still smooth and sweet, especially at the beginning, you’ll assume cheating is impossible. The whole idea of it seems so alien to us. We think, “He or She is too sweet to ever do such a thing.”

Consumed by intense feelings of love, most of us will go to great lengths to rationalize off behaviors by our partners as normal. We’ll sweep monsters and uncomfortable conversations under the carpet, hoping they’ll go away by themselves. 

But as most would have learned through experience, monsters swept under the carpet only grow stronger and devour us in the future. They never go away.

Hence, the hard reality is that no matter the nature of the relationship you’re in, you still have to be alert to the signs. And when you see these six signs, be strong enough to face reality and be on the lookout for other signs.

1. Sketchy phone behavior

If a girl used to text you all the time, sends you good morning and good night texts, but stops all of a sudden, it might mean that her attention is on someone else.

When a girl (or guy) still loves you, she wants the relationship to move forward. She wants to know what you’re up to, and she wants you to also show the same interest in her daily business. It’s really that simple.

But when she starts to cheat or lose interest, it becomes quickly evident in the way she communicates with you ― both when you’re with her physically and when you’re not.

The thing is, if things really are good between you, whenever you call her, she’ll either answer immediately or give a good explanation as to why she couldn’t pick right after she gets the opportunity.

However, when a woman starts to cheat on you, she won’t be able to pick up the phone during some hours of the day. And when she does pick up, she might either be whispering on the phone or be in a haste to get off the phone.

Of course, this isn’t an absolute signal that she’s cheating, but it is a signal that you need to have a conversation about what she’s always doing that’s making her act all sketchy on the phone. And if something is really wrong and you haven’t been able to tell from her attitude, you should be able to tell from the way she handles this conversation.

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2. The signs of guilt

Often when a girl (or guy) is cheating on you, she feels guilty about it, especially when she knows you don’t deserve it. And one of the ways you can spot this is that she will not feel comfortable spending time with you. In some cases, looking into your eyes may suddenly become a problem.

Her avoidance can manifest itself in different ways. It could be her spending more time at work, or prioritizing her family and friends more. Or even taking on more exercise classes just to avoid being with you.

However, avoidance may not be an absolute indication of guilt from cheating. It could also mean she’s losing interest because she’s dissatisfied in the relationship and has decided to seek attention and validation outside.

Either way, if you’re noticing that your woman is always looking for a way to spend the least amount of time with you, it’s a red flag.

Furthermore, guilt can also lead to paranoia. Worried that you might be doing to her what she’s doing to you, she may suddenly bring up all sorts of flimsy, unsubstantial allegations to soothe herself. Out of the blue, she may suddenly accuse you of cheating.

When you notice this in your woman, there’s a high chance that her guilt has made her so self-conscious that she’s projecting her fears on you.

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