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3. Her body language says more

If a lady likes you, a combination of body language cues will signal that she wants you to approach her.

Is she playing with her hair and turning her face to give you a better angle? She will also roll her hips and do the hip sway when she walks by you in hopes that you will notice her.

She will have an open body posture, her arms uncrossed and chest out, drawing attention to her breasts.

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4. She’s preening

When a lady wants you to approach her, you will catch her smoothing down her clothes and hair or checking that her lipstick is compact. 

Experts say that ladies preen subconsciously when they are attracted to someone. Fidgeting and checking themselves out is also a way to cope with the nervousness and excitement of being attracted to you.

If you are observing these signs in addition to the smile, eye contact, and other non-verbal body language, it is a clear sign.

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