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When a guy is slowly falling in love with you, he may not want to tell you for several reasons: 

First of all, he may not be aware he’s falling already. Secondly, he may not be sure how you’ll take it. The more he likes you, the more anxious he’ll be about how you’ll receive him. 

Lastly, most guys will not tell you how they feel about you early on because they want to create mystery. They want to have fun with the process and maybe get you to fall for them before they finally reveal their intentions. 

But here’s the thing: 

When a guy is truly falling for you, there are some uncontrollable signs he displays. So whether he’s unaware or just deliberately withholding it from you, if you see these signs, know that he’s already falling in love with you. 

What Love Feels Like For A Man

Most times, love takes men by surprise. In fact, a man can be in love and still not admit it to himself. Why? Men have been trained to not show emotions. In many cultures, an emotional man is seen as weak.

As unbelievable as it may seem, studies show that men fall in love faster than women. But in reality, it appears that women are the ones taking the lead. 

However, since love often takes men off guard, it can be easy to tell if a man is slowly falling for you if you pay attention to the signs. Most of the time, it will not start with those words “I love you.” 

But don’t focus so much on the words that you don’t see what his actions are saying. As the saying goes, action speaks louder than voice. That said, here are the major signs a guy will show if he is slowly falling in love with you. 

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1. He always wants to see more of you 

One of the best ways to tell if a man desires you, especially early on in a relationship, is that he never gets tired of being with you. 

This is because being with you is fun for him. He likes to see your face, hold your arms, and do fun things with you. Over time, he has come to associate a good feeling with being around you – a phenomenon known in psychology as the dopamine-reward loop. 

When you have a lot of fun engaging with someone, over time, you’ll associate them with a feeling of fun and excitement. This means that whenever you think of them, dopamine is released from your brain. This is often why you smile and blush just thinking of someone you love. 

When a guy is falling for you already, he’ll associate this feeling with you, and this will make him want to always see more of you. 

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