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Dating can be a tricky business. It seems like everyone has their own ideas about what works and what doesn’t. And when it comes to dating high-value men, things can get even more complicated. 

Here’s the thing: Women are used to being pursued. They hardly have to face the uncertainty that men go through to get a woman they are interested in. But sometimes, most of the men running after these ladies are not high-value. 

A high-value man will rarely chase women. But he’s the kind of man most women want. And since most women are not used to being the ones to make the first move, getting a high-value man can be tricky. Here are some ways to help you out.

1. You attract what you are

The best way to attract high-value men is simply to be a high-value woman yourself. Why? 

If you don’t think you’re valuable enough, chances are he won’t either. This doesn’t mean you have to be perfect. But it does mean that you need to know your value and realize what makes you an amazing woman.

Work on yourself, develop your interests, build your confidence, improve your communication skills. 

2. Be a challenge

Men love a good chase. The more challenged a man feels, the more interested in you he’ll become

If a man doesn’t feel like you’re going to be easy to catch, they’ll want to make it worth their while when they do finally get your attention. So, don’t show all your cards.

Keep some mystery around you by not telling him all your thoughts and feelings. Make him work for it, which will make him value you more. This will keep you from wasting time on someone who just uses and takes.

But, don’t play hard to get too much because this might push him away forever. You don’t want to give him a reason not to fight for you. Just keep a balance where he feels a challenge, but not so much that he’s completely turned off by it.

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3. Create the right dynamic

One of the best ways to make a man respect you is to let him know that his flaws are deal breakers for you–even if they aren’t for other women. Be bold, be brave, and speak your mind.

Let him know that there are things you don’t like about him and they make you want to back right off. Don’t make excuses for him or try to get his attention by being ‘overly-nice’. He’ll know that you’re putting on a front and it won’t work.

Men love a challenge and if you let him know that he’ll have to work hard for your affection, he’ll respect you even more.

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