Fashion is more than just clothes; it’s an expression of who we are. Every time we step out, our outfits send out a message about our personality, our moods, and our tastes. 

But, with so many trends popping up and fading away, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to pinpoint exactly what your personal style is. 

Have you ever felt that way? Like you’re not quite sure what outfits truly represent you?

It’s like finding your favorite flavor of ice cream. Sure, there are the classics like vanilla and chocolate, but maybe you’re more of a mint chocolate chip or even a blueberry cheesecake person. 

Just like with ice cream flavors, fashion is filled with endless possibilities. And each of us has that perfect ‘flavor’ or style waiting to be discovered.

This article is your guide to understanding and finding your personal style aesthetic. No more feeling lost in the vast world of fashion. 

Instead, we’ll help you navigate through the choices and find that style aesthetics that screams “you”. 

Whether you’re a chic minimalist, a vintage lover, or someone with a flair for bold patterns, we’ll help you embrace and refine your unique fashion sense.

1. Reflect on Your Preferences

Ever wondered why you’re always drawn to certain pieces? There’s a lot your existing wardrobe can tell you about your style. Take a moment to sift through your clothes. 

Lay your most-worn items on the bed. Now, notice any patterns. Maybe you’re into floral prints or perhaps neutral tones dominate your closet. 

Recognizing these patterns is already one step closer to defining your personal style.

Ask yourself why you love that specific shirt so much. Is it the fit, the fabric, or the color? Maybe it reminds you of a fond memory or it simply makes you feel confident. Unpacking these feelings can be a goldmine. It’s all about finding more of what makes you feel like the best version of yourself.

But, don’t just stop at the things you wear all the time. Those neglected pieces at the back? They’ve got stories too. They can tell you what you don’t like. 

Maybe you’ve outgrown them or they just aren’t “you” anymore. Either way, understanding what you don’t like is just as crucial as knowing what you do.

2. Gather Inspiration

finding your personal style aesthetic

Inspiration is everywhere! From the latest blockbuster movie to that super cool person you spotted at the cafe yesterday. Be observant. See what resonates with you and what doesn’t. 

Maybe you’ve always admired the boho-chic style of that actress or the edgy look of a rockstar. While you don’t need to copy anyone, understanding what you admire can be the stepping stone to creating a style that’s uniquely yours.

Remember the times when you looked at someone and thought, “Wow, I wish I could pull that off!” Guess what? You absolutely can. It’s all about adapting what you admire into something that fits you. 

Let’s say you love those bold patterns on someone else but find them too intimidating. Start small. Introduce a patterned scarf or a funky pair of socks to your ensemble. Tiny steps can lead to big style evolutions.

Conversely, if there’s something popular that you don’t connect with, that’s okay too. It’s essential to pick elements that make you feel confident and happy. 

3. Analyze Your Current Wardrobe

Remember those days when dressing up was the highlight of your day? Why should kids have all the fun? 

Dedicate an afternoon to trying on different outfits. Mix, match, and even try those “crazy” combinations you always thought about. 

There’s no judgment here; it’s just you, your clothes, and endless possibilities.

While playing around, you might stumble upon combinations you hadn’t thought of before. That skirt you never wear? Maybe it looks fabulous with the jacket you bought last month. 

Style is as much about experimentation as it is about expression. You never know what you might end up loving.

At the end of your play session, you’ll likely have a pile of definite ‘yes’ outfits and a few ‘maybes’. That’s progress! 

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4. Consider Your Lifestyle and Practical Needs

how to find your personal style

We’d all love to wear ball gowns and tuxedos daily, but it’s not always practical. Your personal style should not only reflect who you are but also fit your daily life. 

Think about your routine. Are you running from one meeting to another? Maybe comfort is your top priority. Or perhaps your job requires you to dress more formally.

However, aligning your style with your lifestyle doesn’t mean sacrificing fashion. If you’re someone who’s always on the go, look for stylish yet comfortable shoes, or invest in chic tote bags. 

On the other hand, if your workplace is more formal, find pieces that are both professional and express your personality.

It’s about blending who you are with what you do. And with a bit of creativity, you can always find ways to let your style shine through, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

5. Experiment and Try New Things

Have you ever stumbled upon an outfit online and thought, “I could never pull that off!”? Well, you’re not alone. 

But here’s a secret: style isn’t just about what’s trending or what looks good on models. It’s about what feels right for you. And how will you ever know if you don’t give it a shot?

Trying out new things can be as simple as swapping out your usual sneakers for a pair of vintage-looking boots, or as daring as rocking a bright neon jacket on a gloomy day. 

Remember the first time you tried sushi, or went on a rollercoaster, or danced in the rain? Initially, there was hesitation, maybe a tinge of fear. 

But once you took the leap, the experience was liberating. Similarly, playing around with unfamiliar styles might reveal sides of you that you never knew existed.

Some days you might nail it, feeling like a million bucks, and on others, it might seem like a fashion misstep. And that’s perfectly okay! It’s all part of the journey. 

Every failed style attempt is a lesson, steering you closer to the aesthetics that resonate with your soul. The next time you spot something that piques your curiosity but feels a tad outside your comfort zone, just go for it. 

6. Trust Your Choices

ways to know your style aesthetics

Deep down, you know what you like and what you don’t. Sure, seeking inspiration and feedback is great, but at the end of the day, your style should make you feel good. 

Every time you wear something, check in with yourself. Does it feel right? Does it feel like ‘you’?

There’ll be days when you’ll doubt your choices. Maybe that bold shirt seems a bit too loud today, or those shoes don’t feel as comfortable. That’s alright. 

Style isn’t about perfection. It’s about expression. Some days you’ll hit the mark, and on others, you might miss. But that’s the beauty of it.

Your personal style is an ever-evolving reflection of you. So, whether you’re a jeans and t-shirt person or someone who loves to dress to the nines, trust your choices. 

Related Questions About How to Find Your Personal Style Aesthetic

 Personal Style Aesthetic

How do I start defining my personal style?

It can feel overwhelming to define your personal style, especially with so many fashion choices out there. 

A good place to start is by evaluating your existing wardrobe. Which items do you wear the most and why? What colors, patterns, and cuts dominate your closet? 

Understanding your current preferences can provide insights into what makes you feel confident and comfortable. 

Another approach is to gather inspiration from fashion magazines, celebrities, or social media. Notice which outfits or pieces resonate with you, and think about how you can incorporate similar elements into your wardrobe.

Remember that personal style isn’t static. It evolves with time, influenced by changes in your lifestyle, environment, and personal experiences. So, it’s perfectly fine if your style today differs from five years ago. 

Why does personal style even matter?

Personal style is more than just clothes; it’s a form of self-expression. It communicates a bit of who you are without saying a word. 

Dressing in a way that aligns with your personal style can boost your confidence, making you feel more self-assured and authentic in various situations. 

Plus, when you feel good in what you’re wearing, it shows. You stand taller, smile brighter, and often feel more positive throughout the day.

And, having a defined personal style can simplify shopping. Instead of being overwhelmed by endless choices, you can easily identify which pieces align with your aesthetic. 

This not only saves time but also ensures that you invest in clothes you’ll actually wear. Over time, embracing your personal style can lead to a more cohesive and versatile wardrobe.

What if I make a fashion mistake?

Everyone, even fashion icons, makes “mistakes” or choices they later regret. It’s all part of the journey of discovering your personal style. 

If you wear something and later feel it wasn’t quite “you,” that’s okay. Each experience is a lesson that helps refine your style preferences. 

Maybe that shiny top you bought for Beyonce’s concert or the bold pink dress for Barbie Movie Premiere felt fun for the occasion but feels out of place in your daily life. 

That realization helps you better understand your style boundaries.

A so-called fashion mistake can even be a stepping stone to something great. Sometimes, it’s when we venture out of our comfort zones that we stumble upon a fresh look or combination we hadn’t considered before. 

Embrace these moments, learn from them, and remember that style is deeply personal. What might be a “mistake” to one person could be a “signature look” to another.

Can I have multiple style aesthetics?

Your personal style doesn’t need to fit neatly into one box. Many people resonate with multiple style aesthetics, blending elements from each to create a look that’s uniquely theirs. 

For example, you might love both the polished feel of classic fashion and the edgy vibes of streetwear. Mixing a tailored blazer with a graphic tee could be your sweet spot.

Having multiple style aesthetics offers versatility. It allows you to adapt your look based on your mood, the occasion, or even the season. 

Plus, it means your wardrobe can be rich with variety, offering countless possibilities for outfit combinations. The beauty of personal style is its fluidity and flexibility, allowing you to be as multifaceted as you wish.

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