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Making a woman think of you is as simple as being someone worth missing. You don’t need to look for mind games or psychological manipulations. 

Think about the time you got lost in thoughts fantasizing about someone. What put you in that state? Which particular moments stood out in your thoughts about that person? 

Understanding what makes you crave someone will give you a better feel for what it takes to make a woman think of you. It’s that simple. Without further ado, here are five things you can start doing today to make a woman think of. 

1. The Little Details

If you want to make a woman miss you, you must first build an emotional connection with her. And one of the best ways to do this is to show that you care by being an attentive guy. 

If you’ve been with a woman who cared about you, you’ll know how attentive to detail women can be. 

She will quickly notice a spot on your face, a change in the sound of your voice, a change in how you smell, etc. This is why women love men who are attentive too. 

Pay close attention to her when you’re together or having a conversation. Being attentive will get you beyond surface-level questions and help you bond with her on a deeper level. 

Why is this important?  

Here’s the thing: Men and women think differently in many ways. Most of the time, a woman will miss you because of the little things. 

For instance, after a date, she might think about how you picked out a piece of tiny dirt from her hair or how well you both bonded during your conversation. Those tiny details are the things she will think about when she’s missing you. 

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2. Your Reputation

From an evolutionary perspective, a woman is less likely to survive with a needy man. 

Think about it. 

If she gets pregnant by a needy man, it means she will have to take care of the baby and the man. This means less protection for her and less chance of survival for her family. It’s all bad news. 

So if you want to be in the position where a woman finds you important enough to obsess over you, you need to craft your reputation like an artist. A woman is more likely to think of you if you present yourself as high-value. 

A high-value man knows himself, he isn’t needy, or overly concerned with pleasing people. He has himself together and understands his value. Most importantly, a high-value man is on his purpose and spends time doing meaningful things. 

He has boundaries, knows what he deserves, and what to expect in a healthy relationship. 

Being a man like this will get you respect and admiration from women. And it means that you’ll also get to give her space to think of you when you’re apart. 

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