It’s a moment many of us have faced — caught off guard by unexpected confessions, feeling a rush of emotions, and scrambling to find the right words to respond.

Maybe you’re just texting or having a seemingly ordinary conversation with a guy when suddenly, he says, “I want you.” 

Now, how should you respond? Well, first of all, your reaction to these three words will be shaped by how you feel about this guy saying them. 

While there’s no right or wrong way to respond, this article will help you understand the best ways to respond under different scenarios. 

How to Respond When You Want Him Too 

How to Respond When You Want Him Too 

1. “I’ve been waiting to hear that.” 

There’s something undeniably sweet about letting him know that his words resonate with feelings you’ve held inside. This response exudes a mix of anticipation and relief. It’s like both of you have been dancing around your feelings, and finally, the right song has come on.

2. “You have no idea how much I want you too.” 

It’s bold, direct, and unapologetically honest. By echoing his sentiments, you’re making it clear that the attraction and connection is mutual. It’s like throwing the ball back in his court, but with a playful spin.

3. “Every time I see you, that’s all I think about.” 

Visuals matter, and this reply plays on that. It’s an open confession, revealing that he’s been on your mind more often than not. Not only does it share your feelings, but it also gives him a glimpse of how often you think about him.

4. “Looks like we’re on the same page.” 

Short and sweet, this reply suggests harmony and synchronicity. Relationships thrive on shared feelings and mutual understanding, and this response reinforces that you two are aligned in your desires.

5. “That makes two of us.” 

A playful twist on the classic “me too,” this answer is simple yet impactful. It emphasizes mutual feelings without making things overly complicated. Sometimes, the simplest expressions say the most.

Each of these responses holds its unique charm, ensuring that the moment remains genuine and heartfelt.

6. “Guess what? The feeling’s mutual.”

This is a playful, light-hearted way of expressing mutual affection. By starting with “Guess what?”, you’re drawing him in, creating a brief moment of suspense, and then revealing that you share the same sentiment.

7. “You’ve just voiced what my heart’s been feeling.”

This is a poetic way to convey that his words mirror your emotions. It’s like saying he’s managed to articulate the silent whispers of your heart, bringing forth feelings that have been lingering beneath the surface.

8. “You’re not alone in this, trust me.”

This response has a reassuring undertone. It gently informs him that you’ve been on a similar emotional journey and that both of you are sailing in the same love boat. It’s a subtle nod to the mutual attraction and emotions you share.

9. “Well, that’s a coincidence because I’ve been feeling the exact same way.”

Taking a casual, almost cheeky approach, this response creates an atmosphere of serendipity. It’s as if fate has aligned both your feelings, and you’re both discovering this delightful fact together.

10. “Took the words right out of my mouth.”

A classic way to express agreement or shared sentiments. By using this response, you’re acknowledging that he’s voiced your mutual feelings, making it a shared moment of revelation and connection.

How to Respond When You Don’t Want Him 

How to respond when a guy says i want you

1. “I really value our friendship, and I don’t want to change that.” 

This is a gentle way to express that while you cherish the bond you share, you don’t see it transitioning into a romantic relationship. It emphasizes the importance of the existing connection without leading him on.

2. “I appreciate your honesty, but I don’t feel the same way.” 

Honesty is often the best policy. This straightforward response ensures there’s no ambiguity. While it’s direct, it also shows gratitude for his openness.

3. “I’ve been focusing on myself lately and I’m not looking for anything more.” 

Sometimes, it’s about where you are in life. This response pivots the conversation towards personal growth and self-discovery. It takes the emphasis off of a mismatch in feelings and puts it on personal choices.

4. “You mean a lot to me, but not in that way.” 

By starting with acknowledgment, you show that you care about his feelings. However, the latter part of the response clarifies your stance without leaving room for misinterpretation.

5. “It’s important for me to be genuine with you: I don’t share those feelings.” 

Placing importance on authenticity is crucial in relationships, be they friendships or something more. This response is a candid way of letting him know where you stand, ensuring that both of you are on the same page.

6. “Thank you for sharing that. I see our bond differently, though.” 

It’s a gracious acknowledgment that respects his vulnerability, yet clearly communicates that you view the relationship in another light.

7. “I’m touched that you feel that way. My heart’s in a different place right now.” 

Sometimes, our feelings aren’t aligned with timing or life situations. This response conveys that you recognize his sentiments, but you’re guided by your own feelings and journey.

8. “It’s never easy expressing feelings, and I respect you for it. I hope you understand I don’t see us that way.” 

This response combines appreciation for his courage with a gentle clarification about your feelings.

9. “I hope this doesn’t change things, but I don’t feel a romantic connection between us.” 

Friendships are precious, and this response emphasizes the hope to maintain that bond, while being upfront about the lack of romantic inclination.

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How to Respond When You’re Not Sure What You Want

How to Respond When You’re Not Sure What You Want

1. “I truly appreciate your honesty. I need some time to process my feelings.”

When emotions are a tangled web, taking a step back can often bring clarity. This response shows gratitude for their openness while indicating that you’re in a reflective phase.

2. “Your words mean a lot to me. I’m just figuring things out right now.”

While acknowledging the significance of their confession, this conveys that you’re on a personal journey. Sometimes, feelings need a little nudge or time to crystalize.

3. “I value our connection. Let’s take things slow and see where they lead.”

Stating the importance of the bond you share, this response emphasizes a desire for patience. It’s not a rejection but a gentle request to let emotions unfold naturally.

4. “I wasn’t expecting this, and I’m genuinely touched. I hope you understand I need to sort through my feelings.”

This candid response underscores the surprise element, showing appreciation for their sentiment. It also highlights the importance of introspection before making any decisions.

5. “Wow, that’s a lot to take in. Can we talk about this more later?”

Caught off guard? This response captures that sentiment. It’s an honest expression of feeling overwhelmed, suggesting a need for more dialogue in the future.

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What do guys mean when they say “I want you?”

When a guy says “I want you,” the interpretation can vary based on context, tone, and the nature of the relationship. 

Often, this phrase means a strong emotional connection. It signifies his desire to be close, not only physically but emotionally as well. The guy might be expressing a yearning to spend more quality time together, share experiences, and deepen the bond between you. 

On the other hand, the statement can also be related to physical attraction. In some situations, “I want you” can carry an intimate or even sexual undertone, reflecting a physical or romantic attraction to the person they’re addressing.

The most important thing is understanding the context and the relationship dynamic when deciphering such a statement. 

Another layer to consider is the possibility of a desire for a deeper commitment or relationship. 

When expressed in a setting where both of you have been getting closer, it might hint at taking the relationship to the next level. 

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