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In any workplace, it’s common for colleagues to spend a significant amount of time together. And over time, coworkers will develop a level of comfort and familiarity with each other that can lead to attraction. 

However, not all attractions are expressed verbally or physically. In fact, there are several subtle signs of unspoken attraction you may not be seeing between coworkers because they’re secret. 

In this article, we’ll explore some of these common signs of unspoken attraction. Let’s get into it. 

1. First Impressions Speak Volumes

They say that first impressions are everything, and this holds true in workplace romance as well. 

The way coworkers behave around one another from the get-go can be a major sign that there’s something going on between them. If you notice that two colleagues seem unusually drawn to each other during their initial interactions, there’s a good chance they’re experiencing a mutual spark.

For example, two coworkers meet for the first time and instantly appear comfortable with one another, sharing laughter, maintaining eye contact, and having lingering handholds. There’s a high chance that there’s an underlying attraction at play here. 

2. Body Language Doesn’t Lie

When words fail, body language often speaks volumes. Subconscious cues like posture, gestures, and facial expressions can all hint at an unspoken attraction between coworkers. 

For instance, a person who is attracted to you will like to lean in closer when they speak to you, mimic your body language, or touch your hair or clothing.

Imagine two colleagues discussing a project. If one of them consistently leans towards the other, even when there’s plenty of space around them, it could be a sign there’s something else going on.

Additionally, if they unconsciously mirror each other’s movements, such as crossing their arms or nodding in agreement, or smiling, it’s another sign that there may be a romantic connection.

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3. Compliments and Praise that Stand Out

We are usually generous with compliments and praise when we’re attracted to someone. It’s our way of showing appreciation and admiration, making them feel valued and noticed. 

While compliments can be given purely for professional reasons, if they’re frequent and personal, it could signal an underlying romantic interest.

4. Subtle Touches and Proximity 

While casual, friendly touch is common in the workplace, the touch between attracted coworkers often carries a different energy. 

You’ll see evidence like lingering handshakes, gentle pats on the shoulder, or playful nudges. These seemingly innocent actions can carry a deeper meaning when they’re shared between two people with a mutual, unspoken attraction.

An extension of this is when they’re always close to each other. You’ll notice that they like to stand close to each other during conversations or tend to sit next to each other in meetings, even when there are other seating options available. 

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5. Seeking Each Other’s Company

In a workplace setting, it’s normal for colleagues to spend time together during breaks or after work hours. No big deal. 

But when there is an underlying attraction, people go out of their way to be in each other’s presence. For instance, you’ll notice that they like to invite each other to lunch, collaborate on projects, or even find reasons to visit each other’s workspaces. 

It’s as if they’re subconsciously seeking out opportunities to be near one another, further fueling their attraction.

6. The Eyes Have It

One of the most telling signs of unspoken attraction is how two people look at each other. 

Lingering eye contact, stolen glances, and admiring looks can all indicate that there’s more than just a professional connection at play. In fact, eye contact is often one of the first and most reliable indicators of romantic interest.

Take, for instance, two coworkers who frequently catch each other’s eye across the room during meetings or in the break room. 

If they hold eye contact for a moment longer than necessary, or if one person seems to be continually looking for the other’s gaze, and gives a subtle smile afterward, that’s a huge sign there’s something going on beyond the professional. 

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7. Intuitive Understanding

Another sign of unspoken attraction between coworkers is an intuitive understanding of one another’s thoughts and feelings. 

You might have noticed some of your colleagues being able to finish each other’s sentences or knowing exactly what the other person needs without having to ask. And you’ll also see that they both are enjoying their mutual fondness for each other. 

When people are attracted to one another, they often develop a heightened sense of awareness about each other, and this makes them sometimes anticipate their needs and communicate with ease.

8. Flirting and Playful Banter

Playful teasing, compliments, and inside jokes are all forms of subtle flirting that can signal unspoken attraction. But when they flat-out flirt with each other, then there’s no stronger sign that there is more than just friendly camaraderie between coworkers. 

9. Going the Extra Mile

They don’t have to help each other out. But whenever they get a chance to, they don’t just jump at it, they love it. And this is partly because it allows them to spend time with each other and also partly because we love helping out people we care deeply for. 

Going the extra mile can take many forms, such as offering assistance with a difficult project, bringing coffee or snacks, or simply seeking out opportunities to spend time together outside of work-related events.

They might even make plans to have lunch together, or bring coffee or a favorite snack for each other, these types of kind gestures occurring frequently is a strong indication that there’s a mutual attraction at play.

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10. Exclusivity in Social Situations

If you observe two coworkers who usually gravitate toward one another during social events then there’s something surely going on. 

They might engage in private conversations, separate themselves from the larger group, or simply appear more relaxed and comfortable in each other’s company. This exclusivity shows that they feel a special connection with one another.

11. Increased Attention to Appearance

Let’s say you have a colleague who typically dresses casually and doesn’t pay much attention to their appearance. 

But all of a sudden, he becomes hyper-aware of his looks, starts to wear more fashionable clothing, styles his hair, (or applies makeup – for ladies), because there’s a new girl around, then it’s possible that he’s trying to make an impression. 

When we are attracted to someone, we often pay more attention to our appearance because we hope to make a good impression. 


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