Did you know that there are three types of men in the world? 

These men are called alpha males, beta males, and sigma males. Every single man is in one of these categories, but there aren’t any real defining characteristics that separate each type from another. These labels are mostly made by other people (especially dating coaches) to describe other people (and sometimes themselves).

The three categories have been used over and over by YouTube dating coaches to give vague descriptions about an ideal every guy should aim for. They were more made popular by the book The Game, written by Neil Strauss about his experiences with pick-up artists. 

As Strauss explained, to become a better pick-up artist, he had to learn more about how men and women work and think, so he read about science and biology. He came across these names in a scientific journal called Ethology and Sociobiology, but since he was a no scientist, he used his understanding and modified the idea to create new ones that suited his need.

Now, almost everyone uses these names to label men. We have been brainwashed into thinking that one of each exists within society, which is not at all true. Do you know someone who perfectly fits into one of these categories and does not deviate from it? No. It’s impossible to fit perfectly into one single category since there is no perfect type of man. 

Every man is different, therefore it’s impossible to label each type of man.

To understand this, think about personality types. In the personality test, which you’ve probably taken online, there are many different possible answers. With a list of choices to choose from with percentages next to each one, they tell you what percentage of people chose each answer and predict which “type” of person fits best into your personality.

The problem with these tests is that there are more than 5 possible choices for each question, so it’s impossible to find a type of person that fits into just one category. These tests are only able to create groups of people, not types. You can’t find anyone that fits perfectly into one personality type.

Let’s look at the three ‘types’ of men:

Alpha males are the confident, dominant men who get all of the women. They’re extremely attractive to others and can beat up other males easily. Since this man has an abundance of pretty ladies surrounding him at all times, he must not fear anything or anyone, especially not other men.

Beta males are the opposite. They rarely have women chasing them, so they are the ones who want the attention but can’t get it. They are very weak and meek, and lacking in confidence. The beta males don’t try to get any ladies because they know that their weak abilities will never attract them.

Sigma males are the third option. They are similar to alphas but are just more confident and attractive. They don’t compete with other males because they know themselves. They are the perfect ones. The alpha males used to be the bomb before they were created out of the imagination of alpha male dating coaches. Now the ideal guy should be a sigma male. 

All of these labels don’t mean anything. Society has falsely assumed that there must be an alpha, beta, and sigma male. 

Alpha males don’t exist. Beta males don’t exist. Sigma males don’t exist. There is no such thing as a perfect man who can ace everything without failure or fear of judgment from others. We are all unique in our abilities and our looks. We can’t label each kind of man based on characteristics that could belong to anyone in society.

Every person is different, with a specific set of skills and a unique way of thinking. Therefore, we do not need categories to describe men. Labels only make men more insecure. Why? Everyone wants to be something that doesn’t exist. Being a good, caring, and honest man doesn’t make you a simp or beta. Don’t be afraid to step out of your box and embrace who you are as a person. Cheers!

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