Sydney Brooke Simpson’s Biography

Sydney Brooke Simpson is a 36 years old American lady, popularly known as Sydney Simpson. 

She is the daughter of O.J Simpson, a renowned footballer, and the late Nicole Brown Simpson, and was born on 17th October 1985. Simpson’s mother Nicole was murdered by an unknown person in 1994 with a close friend Ron Goldman when she was just 9 years of age. 

Mr. O.J Sympson, Nicole’s husband was arrested and charged to court as a prime suspect but was released 8 months after the trial. Although he was not found guilty of the two murders, he remained a controversial figure even after the trial.

Her father O.J Sympson was a very famous NFL football star, actor, and broadcaster. His parents had also divorced at a young age when he was barely five. 

As a result, he was raised by his mother in San Francisco. Then he relocated to Southern California where he got very lucky and made a career there.

More about her personal life 

Though Sydney has tried to avoid the media like a plague since her mom’s murder, she has been quite unfortunate and gained much media attention on several occasions. For instance, at 19 years old, Sydney was reported to rudely shouting at the authorities. 

When a security official wanted to arrest her, she reacted by beating off his hand. She was arrested when she didn’t heed warnings and continued to shout at security officers who intervened to stop her from fighting with someone in her old prep school. 

The police charged her with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct which are punishable by 1 year and 60 days in jail respectively.

She changed and took a simple lifestyle, away from the media or cameras after the father’s tragic robbery and kidnapping trial. Her father was sent to jail to serve his term and was later released after completing his terms.

Since 2017, she has been rumored to be dating Blackmon. The couple has been together since then though there was no information or evidence available to confirm that they were in a relationship. 

Blackmon is an ex-convict of a hit-and-run case, but he currently works in real estate. Her former boyfriend was Stuart Alexander Lee and they had been together from 2007 up to 2012.

Apart from being close friends, Blackmon said he had no other personal relationship with Sydney. Blackmon, her friend “as he called himself” was one of the eight contestants for the City Council candidates and was hoping to be elected by the people.

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Sydney Involvement in a 5 years Custody Battle

 After their mother’s murder, Sydney’s grandmother Juditha tried to take custody of both her brother and her which led to a court case for 5 years between her father and her grandmother on who to gain custody. 

But since they still wanted to remain with their dad, the case turned in his favor and he won, after they wrote a letter to the court judges, pleading not to be separated from their father. 

They practically said to their grandmother, “I want to be with my father” and in order not to take away their childhood through separation, their grandmother’s appeal was denied, though she still was given some guidance rights over their custody.

What does Sydney Brook Simpson do for a living?

 Her Career

After the court trial of her dead mother’s murder in 1995, she moved to meet her brother Justine in Pittsburgh. There she exploited her idea in real estate and also started a restaurant.

After college, Sydney moved from Atlanta to St. Petersburg, Florida, she decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and make her career in real estate where she bought a home, and founded her own company called “Simpsy Properties, LLC”. 

She ran her real estate company with her brother Justin, in 2014. In the next 3 years, she and her brother dived into real estate and purchased 13 properties. Now, she manages her restaurant and her mini real estate empire.

Sydney Brook Simpson
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What is Sydney Brook Simpson’s net worth?

She has a net worth of about $500K, with the main income from her real estate properties, and her restaurant located in Petersburg. She earned a nickname, “the juice” and has ventured into different occupations like acting, broadcasting, advertising, and real estate investment

How old is Sydney Brook Simpson?

Sydney is a 36-year-old American lady born on 17th October 1985 in California, the USA where her brother Justin was also born. 

Sydney Simpson’s siblings: Who are O.J Simpson’s children?

Before his marriage to Nicole, OJ Simpson had 3 children with Marguerite Whitley, his ex-wife, and later two more children with his wife Nicole Brown Simpson, Justin Simpson, and Sydney Simpson though their marriage ended after 7 years. 

Arnelle Simpson, Aaren Simpson, and Jason Simpson are the names of her half-siblings.

After Nicole’s marriage to O.J Simpson in 1985, she gave birth to Sydney later that same year. Justin Simpson, her brother, was born in 1998 which was a three-year interval after Sydney’s birth.

Out of Mr. OJ Simpson’s two children from the late Nicole, Sydney Simpson suffered the greatest trauma and effect because she was too young to face it at her age and also had to watch her father being accused of it. 

O.J’s and his ex-wife’s daughter named Aaren passed away when she was little. She was almost two years old when something tragic happened that cost her her life. She drowned in the pool that belonged to the family which was one of O.J’s worst moments.

Arnelle Simpson is the oldest child of all O.J Simpson’s children and she and her father still maintain a good relationship. Arnelle and her junior brother Jason were there to support their father when O.J Simpson was on trial as a suspect for his wife’s murder in 1995.

O.J Simpson, wife, and daughter
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Her Education

After her father was acquitted of the murder of his wife, she relocated with her father and brother to South Florida. 

Sydney schooled at the Gulliver Academy, after which she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from the College of Arts and Sciences at Boston University in May 2010.

Her Relationship

After the rumors that she was dating Blackmon. The couple has been together since though there wasn’t evidence available to prove that they were in a relationship.

Blackmon openly denied and responded that other than their close friendship, he had no other relationship with Sydney, though many are still skeptical about this statement.

Where is Sydney Brook Simpson now?

Today, Sydney Simpson currently resides in Los Angeles, in the Brentwood neighborhood where she is a co-owner and operates a successful business with her younger brother, Justin Ryan.

Simpson’s Healthy Weight Loss

One outspoken fact about Simpson is her ability to change her physique to a much hotter look. She maintains a regular physical fitness body routine. 

Weight loss has been quite a successful deal with most of her challenges because she seems to have faced a lot of criticism about her weight. Shedding a few pounds has given her a hot shape “ladies could kill for”. Are you curious about how she was able to shed her weight in a short period?

According to research, she has a private trainer which aids her to perform her regular routines. Her trainer engages her in training sessions to help her achieve the desired healthy fitness level. She performs some cardio exercises to enable her to give off a good amount of calories which enhances her weight loss.

After losing some pounds, Sydney’s height is about 5 feet and 8 inches and she weighs approximately 154 pounds with a BMI of about 23.44m per square kilo (m/kg2).


Sydney is a determined role model who kept going and pursuing her goal no matter the cost. 

Though she got a lot of challenges in life mostly from family, like the trauma from her mother’s death, watching her father being accused of it, and also the shame from when her dad was arrested for robbery and kidnap yet she still made it anyway. 

Another challenge she has overcome is the loss of body weight. She dropped large pounds without using surgery but worked her way over there and it paid off.

Even after much deliberation, it is still unclear what happened to Nicole Simpson or who murdered them both in her cold blood by tapping because the court only found her husband as a cause of death but could not determine the weapon or killer.

Also based on deliberation, the trial was said to be very controversial and notable for its racial displays in general reaction and opinion on the verdict. 

It showed that the majority of white and Latin Americans believed O.J. The case should have been “passed” guilty, but then the majority of African Americans felt otherwise. 

Their opinion was that justice had been served by the sentence passed. This remarkable case was the basis for our American tv show known as “The People vs O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story”.


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