Due to circumstances, my childhood was cut short, so I had to mature sooner than most people my age. 

I often know what I want; I go after it and put in the hard work, even if I’m scared. I had no time for childishness, mama wasn’t coming to save me, and dad, don’t even ask.

After dating a few boys my age, I soon realized that if I wanted to enjoy being in a long-lasting relationship, I would have to look elsewhere.

To be fair, scientists say girls’ brains develop faster than that of boys. So there could be a lot of factors why maturity in men and women differ. 

That being said, age does not necessarily imply maturity, although we usually think older people are more mature.

They say age is just a number, and many have proven this point time and again when it comes to love. There are unspoken rules about what age gaps are unconventional; a twenty-year gap and you might be dating someone in your father’s age group. 

Love has a lot to do with why we may be sexually attracted to older guys, but not entirely. Here are some reasons.

1. Too mature for guys your age

I matured quickly, and although being mature is a good thing when your childhood is cut short, that affects the way you see other people your age. 

While boys my age were thinking about having a fun time at parties and which girls’ boobs they wanted to touch, I wanted to talk about plans for the next 5 years.

As a result of this, I often got frustrated. I soon learned that it was not the fault of the guys in my age group. Most guys in their early twenties are not necessarily drawing 5-year relationship plans. 

So I began to consider older guys. They have passed the early twenties, probably thirties, and forties. They can discuss serious plans and have intense conversations. 

With older men, it’s not all about parties. They’re not afraid to face the seriousness of life.

2. Daddy Issues

There is no actual definition for daddy issues, but experts agree that it refers to a complicated relationship with one’s father.

It is normal to crave love and affection from fathers. When this is missing, it can cause us to look for this kind of relationship in people who have some semblance of the features we desire in a father-daughter relationship.

Older men come across as loving and affectionate in some ways, like a father would love a daughter. This draws us to them.

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3. Financial stability

Women often like to date a man who has his finances sorted. Financial stability is a sign of someone being responsible in other areas of their life, and this is comforting. 

Rather than a younger guy who may have debts from student loans and medical bills, older men have passed that stage of hustling to make a life for themselves and have probably saved up enough to give us a comfortable lifestyle.

You may not necessarily want a “sugar daddy”, but financial stability gives an undeniable sense of security that is equally important as love.

4. Ready to settle down

Stability in career and financial independence makes older men more ready to settle down and start a family. Even if he already had a family before meeting you, he could be willing to create a new family with you.

Fewer pressures are standing in the way, and he has more experience to make him comfortable with making that decision.

5. More grounded

With age comes wisdom. Older guys are grounded in their personality and vision for their lives. They have probably made some mistakes, been through many learning periods, and come out of the other side more secure in who they are.

There is less need to prove themselves or their masculinity. This calmness, confidence, and self-assurance are sexy. 

6. Better knowledge of women

Older men have been here longer than we have and have more experience with women. They probably know a thing or two more about making women feel loved, heard, and appreciated.

Older guys can probably give you a lesson 101 on pleasing women. It makes being with them easier. You don’t have to explain why you’re not in the mood for the expeditions of the day, and you certainly do not have to ask before they know that when you say you’re okay, sometimes it is code for I need a hug and I need to vent over a glass of wine.

Older guys know enough to respect you. They do not expect you to prop up their ego or make yourself small to make them feel good.

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7. He takes care of you

The maturity, stability, and security of older men make it easier for them to take care of you. They know a thing or two about life that is useful in every regard. They are also generous with affection and material things that make life easier.

Weirdly, he’s like a big brother, or father, watching out for you. I know that brings us back to daddy issues, but no worries. He’s not your daddy. 

8. No time for drama

Older men have no interest in being dramatic. It is exhausting, and they are way past that. 

They are confident in themselves and know what they bring to the relationship; there’s no need for attention-seeking behaviors or theatrics caused by insecurity.

9. More committed

There is a deeper commitment that older men come with. They are not looking to play games at that point, so they come all in. They make their intentions known and are not intimidated by the work that a relationship needs to thrive.

With commitment comes time. Older men may have more time to spend with you because they are at the age where their money is working for them, and they do not need to be at work every time. 

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10. More confident

Why wouldn’t he be? He’s got a lot going for him, and he knows what he wants. His poise, style, and confidence are all part of the charm.

Being with some insecure young guy is such a tedious adventure. He can’t handle you and he’ll make you feel like a terrible person for just shining your light.

11. Better communicators

Communication is the bedrock of any relationship, yet many people fail at it. Older guys know what makes them feel loved, and they communicate it clearly.

They also make an effort to learn more about the woman they’re with, communicate her needs and work at it to make her feel loved.

12. Better appreciation for life

When you live long enough, you’ll soon know that life is fleeting. Nobody knows that better than older men, and they bring this perspective into their relationships. 

People who appreciate life try to enjoy themselves and have positivity about themselves.

It’s infectious, and we want to be part of that.

13. They know how to pleasure women in bed

Okay, I’m not talking about gerontophilia or anything like that. The point is that older men have had more experience in the bedroom and know how to pleasure women. For them, it’s not so much about the crazy bang! bang! bang! and all the excitement which may not even lead to an orgasm. 

It may be more of a gentle pleasure that shows you he has more knowledge in the art of lovemaking. He might show you a few Kamasutra tricks.

14. They look attractive

Like a fine wine, older men sometimes look more attractive than they did when they were younger. It could be that they can now afford a lifestyle that enables them to have a healthier diet, go to the gym and take better care of themselves.

15. You just can’t be bothered about the age gap

You’re attracted to older men, and age does not bother you; neither does the cause of attraction matter. All you know is that you like them, and that is that.

You can’t be bothered by age. You’re more drawn to the personality.

Now that I have painted you this pretty picture, it’s only fair that I give a few pointers on some things you might need to watch out for.

The age difference may mean you were born in different decades or generations. Every generation has a way of dressing, type of music, outlook on life, and communication habits. Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t understand your text messages. 

Final words

These differences across generations can cause contentions. However, it can also bring you closer together. As you learn about the differences in each other’s tastes, it gives you more time to bond and enjoy your lives. 

However,  this article isn’t a jab at all the young guys out there. Sometimes it isn’t about age; most importantly, it’s about character. Some guys get a hold of themselves quite early on in life. We’ve all come across 25-year-olds who have the character of a 35-year-old, and vice versa. 

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